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Summer: Most lessons are Monday and Tuesday to make room for Summer activities and Piano Camps!

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#1: Clavinova Festival, December 2018 - Lorelei, you are the Halvorson Music Studio Student of the month for December. You finished your entire Christmas book before December and I only assigned it to you at the end of October. Fantastic work and playing!

It is so fun to hear students who make this much progress so quickly. Lorelei is in the 0-3 year, beginning stage, of piano studies and doing a great job!

#2. Clavinova Festival, December 2018 - Page, super job playing this level 5 piece. You have only been in piano a little over a year!

With not much time in lessons, Page learns a lot. She listens and works at home to improve each piece. That is why her ability level is at the 2-6 year stage of lessons with only a little over a year of lessons. 

#3. Clavinova Festival, December 2018 - Hektor, you were very brave to play at the Clavinova Festival when you knew people may clap for you. Facing your fear of applause was hard, but you did it. I recorded this at my studio so people could hear how well you can play this with less than a year of lessons. He is in the 0-3 year, beginning lesson stage of piano lessons. 

Hektor really enjoys playing piano. He jumps up and down when he finishes something because he is so exicited.

Clavinova Festival - 2019 - Eli and Edie are playing, Jingle Bells and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, together, from Music Experience Christmas A by Halvorson. They did a great job!